Natural soap and bath products, proudly handcrafted in small batches in the Canadian Rockies.

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Create a moment of indulgence for yourself.

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O’Canada Soapworks natural, handmade soap, bath, and skin care products provide the ultimate self-care experience.

The luxurious feel of rich natural ingredients, with a scent that fills your nose and transports you (however briefly!) to a perfect fall day, a beautiful garden, a tropical retreat, or a favourite childhood memory.

You deserve a luxurious sensory experience every day.

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All our products are hand crafted by our team in the Alberta Rockies with love (and lots of Canadian pride!).

New Arrivals

It can be so hard to make time for daily self-care in the hustle and bustle of life.

We get it – we have families and a business and a never ending to-do list, too.

But what if there was a way to create beautiful sensory experiences out of small moments?

  • Washing your hands.
  • A quick morning shower.
  • Applying lip silk before you head out the door.

What if each of these everyday acts could be a moment to pause, breathe deeply, close your eyes and enjoy the moment.

What if each of these moments were an opportunity to add a little bit of self-care to your day?

Created using locally sourced, high quality natural ingredients (as much as we can) that are good for your body and good for the earth.

How we create small moments

The intoxicating scents and silky feel of our products stay good to the last bit.

Every ingredient in our soap, bath, and skin care products have a purpose. There are no unnecessary fillers or additives, just pure, honest, quality ingredients that produce real health enhancing benefits for mind, body and spirit.

We “superfat” all our soap, which means we add loads of extra skin softening oils, creams, and butters to the soap just before it gets poured out into the molds. This gives the soap that special richness and creaminess that makes every lather a luxury.

Our ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible. Crab apples from our very own apple tree, for example, make their way into our Autumn Crabapple soap bar and bath seltzer. (Can’t get much more local than that!)

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