Are you scent sensitive?

You’re walking through the perfume section of the department store, and you’re instantly hit with nausea and a sneeze attack, while everyone else around you is basking in the sensory experience. Sound familiar?

This is probably a common occurrence for you in cars with air fresheners, recently cleaned buildings, homes with candles, etc, as well.

You’re not alone. A few types of sensory overload issues exist, but scent sensitivity and allergies is one of the most prevalent and unpleasant types.

What Are Scent Sensitivity Symptoms?

You may experience reactions that present mainly like;

These symptoms can become especially problematic when you’re already dealing with conditions like asthma, colds, pregnancy, or allergies.

Why Are You So Sensitive To Smells?

Fragrances, especially synthetics, can trigger certain pathways that stimulate what’s called ‘the vomit center'(ok…ew) by irritating mucous membranes (again, ew, very sorry).

The process and culprits behave similarly to seasonal allergies, but are typically classified as ‘irritants’, rather than ‘allergies’. Basically, allergens cause allergies, while irritants cause sensitivities.

This irritation may happen because you have hyperosmia, which is a heightened sense of smell, or in severe cases, because your immune system is triggered by the scent/chemicals in products, causing an actual allergic reaction.

How Can You Enjoy Smells Without Irritation?

You can’t avoid scents your whole life! There are many solutions outside of taking antihistamines and carrying air purifiers or nose plugs everywhere you go.

On a personal level, you can moderate your reactions by choosing from our natural, unscented, or lightly scented products;

Lightly scented: everything in moderation. The less you are bombarded with scent all at once, the less reactionary your system will be, so we create many products that are mild on the nose.

Unscented: sometimes it’s necessary for a ‘scent’ break, many of our products can be found in unscented/hypoallergenic form.

Natural scents: we carry many delicious naturally scented products that aren’t full of synthetic irritants.

Your scent preferences are important to us and so we carry many unscented/light naturally scented products to help your life be a little less irritating, without sacrificing all the decadence that our soap, bath, and body products have to offer!

to reap all the benefits of soap and bath products made with natural ingredients, without the scent, shop our Unscented and our Lightly Scented collection!

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