Frequently Asked Questions

O’Canada Soapworks strives to ensure you have all the information you need in order to be happy with your purchase and overall experience with us. We’ve created this page just for you and your questions.

What makes your soap different from others?
Everything we put into our Soap, Bath and Skin Care products, has a reason and a purpose. We use the highest quality ingredients that will actually produce benefits. If there’s no benefit, there’s no use for it.

We “superfat” all of our soap, which means we add loads of extra oils, creams, butters, etc. to the soap just before it gets poured out into the molds. This gives the soap added richness and creaminess, so the soap won’t be drying. Our soaps are a delight to the eye, nose, and skin! Try our soaps and we’re sure you’ll agree.

What is the shelf life on your products?
After one year you may see a reduction in colour potency and diminished scent. Many essential oils act as natural preservatives. If you keep your products out of direct sunlight, high heat, low moisture areas, your soaps and bath and skin products will last a long time. Keep in mind that TRULY NATURAL products are not loaded with chemical preservatives.

Where is your soap made?
“O’Canada, the True North, Strong and …Clean”
We produce all of our products in the Canadian Rockies just outside of Canmore Alberta – Inspired by Canmore’s heritage and our great Nation.

Our line of soaps, bath and skin care products have been created and handmade by our Team in Canmore. Everything is produced with a thoughtfully selected list of the highest quality ingredients, without the use of synthetic and harmful additives.

Always researching the industry, we are currently developing new and improved products, so visit us frequently!


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