Gifts for your friends, kids, and crushes

Valentine’s Day seems to have mixed reviews. For many it can be a wonderful time of year to celebrate their blossoming fairytale love, and for others it can feel like being left out or reminded that they’re not currently in a relationship.

That’s why it’s important to celebrate every form of love in your life. Everyone is loved by someone; many of us are lucky enough to have love from many sources.

Make sure you include everyone in your offerings of gratitude; your best friends, your kids, and your romantic partners! We’ve selected a few items each will love!


Friendship is the purest love of all. Your friends get you through hard times and always accept you for who you are. True friendship is priceless.

Spoil your besties with a holistic spa experience!

Our tranquil Spa Bundle includes delicious Lavender Soap Bar, Lotion, Seltzer, and a candle for a truly aromatherapeutic experience. Top it off with some Honey Lip Silk and they’ll be floating through their day!

There is also this invigorating Citrus-Mint Scented Bundle option, for a refreshing morning ritual!

Also have them try this Strawberries ‘n’ Cream Seltzer and let them know they’re the cream of the crop when it comes to friends! It smells berry delicious and the fizzing will have them decompressed and blissful in minutes.


Kids are the lights of our lives. Make sure they feel the love this Valentine’s Day too; kids love being included in festivities and they’ve definitely earned it. They love unconditionally and unapologetically, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Get this Mini Soap Collection for the mini in your life! They’ll appreciate having their very own soaps and smells to choose from, all of which are gentle enough for sensitive skin.

This Chocolate Seltzer will also be a hit! What kid doesn’t love chocolate? The fizzing will provide tons of bath time entertainment and sweetness!


Whether you’ve got a crush or a long term honey, these gorgeous handcrafted products will sweep them off their feet.

This Valentine’s Day Set has it all. One gift speaks a thousand loving words. With romantic scents like delicious chocolate and sensual rose, these are bound to set the tone for an evening bath.

This Rose Candle is the cherry on top! This slow burning votive candle will fill your sanctuary with transportive scents of love all night long!

No matter who shows you love on a daily basis, they deserve to be appreciated. Gift them a bath time where they exit feeling new and improved!

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