Can’t decide which O’Canada Soapworks products you want to try? Let us help you!
As you may have seen on social media we’ve asked our amazing team to share their favourite O’Canada Soapworks products and explain why they love them – below are their options.

Cheryl – Co-owner
Cheryl has been the co-owner of O’Canada Soapworks since December 2019, and loves how all the products make her feel inside and out. Cheryl’s favourite products is the Sweetgrass & Sage Seltzer, Cheryl finds the earthy, sweet scent calming and refreshing, it’s the favourite way to start her day!

Serge – co-owner
Serge has been the co-owner of O’Canada Soapworks since December 2019, Serge is passionate about building a working environment where his employees can flourish and O’Canada Soapworks can grow into its full potential. Serge’s favourite product is the Shavers Soap because it’s easy to apply, plastic free and leaves his skin feeling silky and fresh.

Korin – Operations manager
Korin has worked at O’Canada since April 2020, Korin is full of enthusiasm and is truly passionate about her work and growing and evolving O’Canada Soapworks. Korin’s favourite product is the Eye Care Stick because it is the perfect finish to an end of day cleansing routine, leaving super sensitive eye skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Chloe – Marketing co-ordinator
Chloe has worked at O’Canada Soapworks since January 2021, Chloe loves being able to create content for you all to see, whether it’s the newsletters, blog posts or Social media images! Chloe’s favourite product is the Hand Salve, she loves how it makes her hands and feet feel so incredibly smooth and soft – it is much needed in this Alberta climate!

Em – Soap maker
Em has been one of our Soap Makers since December 2020. Em loves being able to create new products with her hands and be a part of the entire production process. Em’s favourite product is the Orange Mint Mango collection because it smells delicious and helps exfoliate her skin.

Jes – Soap Maker
Jes has been one of our Soap Makers since June 2020, Jes is full of creativity which shows through her product development at work! Jes’s favourite product is the Emu Soap Bar because it keeps problem blemishes away and gives her skin a nice glow.

Vicki – Orders co-ordinator
Vicki has worked at O’canada Soapworks since September 2020, Vicki loves working her because its challenges her to be the best that she can be and continually helps her grow. Vicki’s favourite product is the Strawberries & cream Soap Bar because it is super creamy, smells amazing and doesn’t dry out her skin.

Emily – retail store co-ordinator
Emily has worked at O’Canada Soapworks since August 2020, Emily love how O’Canada feels like a family and everyone helps everyone to achieve their goals! Emily’s favourite product is the Clearly Canadian Glacial Grains because it helps to exfoliate and hydrate her skin.

We hope you have enjoyed reading what our favourite products are, we can’t wait to hear what your favourite O’canada Soapworks products include!

Feeling Good About Feeling Good!

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