Disconnect from everything, spoil yourself, and relax by creating a heavenly spa experience at home.

You deserve some time away from the worries of the world. We all do.

An at-home spa day is the perfect way to take a break that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and serene. You just need to set the mood, indulge in luxurious spa-worthy items, and let yourself enjoy the break!

Set The Spa Mood

Creating ambiance is the first step to imitating a zen spa environment.

Scent and lighting are key elements to set the right mood.

Try lighting this aromatic lavender candle around your tub, for some intimate lighting that won’t overwhelm your eyes or your nose.

Add some low, calming nature or spa music. We created our own O’Canada Soapworks Spa Day playlist just for you!

With the right candle and spa worthy music, your bathroom will sound and smell like a spa in no time!

Enjoy A Luxurious Soak

With your ambience set, begin drawing yourself a nice, warm bath.

Drop in a sensory pleasing bath seltzer. When you slide in, you’ll feel the delightful fizzing tingling over your whole body, like a little massage – or you can pretend it’s little Garra rufa fish, tidying up your dry skin, like in a traditional Turkish pedicure!

Use this sensational element to be mindful for a moment. Close your eyes and listen to the subtle dripping of the faucet, or the rhythm of your breath. Even 10 minutes of centering yourself like this can carry you into a state of full relaxation.

Next, a thorough wash with one of these heavenly-scented soap bars will have you feeling fresh and moisturized.

Salon-Worthy Shampoo Service

So much tension is held in our scalps and temples. Use one of our moisturizing, rich shampoo bars to scrub away dirt and product, leaving your hair feeling soft and healthy. Really focus on massaging your scalp as you rub in the lather, to release a flood of feel-good endorphins.

Shampoo bars act as both shampoo and conditioner, and don’t have any harsh chemicals, so they’re ideal for rinsing and soaking in your bathwater!

Do A Hydrating Facial

While still soaking in the tub, it’s important to address your face! Our faces get the brunt of the natural elements and deserve extra love and care.

Exfoliation is an important first step in skin care, removing any dead skin cells so you’re left with a clean slate. Using gentle textures like our Canadian glacial grains exfoliant will ensure you aren’t being too rough, but are still achieving removal. You’ll be left with soft, healthy skin.

Next apply a dab of lotion to your face. The lotion will lock in the moisture from the steamy tub, leaving your skin even more hydrated than usual.

Apply some of our healing lip silk, for soft smooth lips that can combat anything, even a Canadian winter!

Once you’re all rinsed and dried, slather on some lotion all over. Using small circular motions, massage the lotion into your pores until it is fully absorbed. This stimulates the surface of the skin and encourages healthy blood flow and absorption of moisture.

Then all that’s left to do is snuggle into a fresh bed, with your soft skin and blow dried hair. Heavenly!

Pampering is self-care and these days there’s no such thing as too much of it. Prioritize yourself and your body with an at-home spa day to elevate your overall state of mind and reduce stress levels.


We have collected all the perfect products for your at-home spa day in our new Spa Day Bundle!

Get a Spa Day Bundle in “Relax” to unwind and prepare for a quiet evening, or “Refresh” to feel rejuvenated and ready to face the day. 

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