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4 reviews for Oatmeal & Honey Soap

  1. Vicki Atkinson

    Leaves my skin feeling soft with no filmy feeling. Works great as a shaving cream.

  2. Christie C. (verified owner)

    Wonderful cleanser for my acne prone skin. It exfoliates very gently and doesn’t dry out my skin. The bars also last a really long time making it very economical.

  3. Aiden (verified owner)

    This soap’s been a game changer for me; I have keratosis pilaris so my skin tends to be very rough and bumpy and since gettin this I’ve found that my skin’s becoming softer and more manageable. The oatmeal bits can be a little hard but since I have such tough skin from my condition it actually feels really nice.

  4. Shell (verified owner)

    Love O’Canada soaps and the scent of this bar is great however there isn’t anything “gentle” about it. The large raw chunks of oatmeal really scratched up my armpits and was even quite rough on my hands when lathering for application on my body. I can see how this is great for exfoliating in your thicker skinned areas. I would recommend grinding the oat flakes into smaller pieces!

    • ocanadasoapworks

      Hi, we are so sorry that the oatmeal and honey soap caused you an inconvenience. We will bring your comments to our production team to ensure we follow a rigorous review and the raw chunks of oatmeal are grinded to a softer and smaller ingredient. We thank-you for bringing your inquiry to us.

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