With the warmer weather arriving and outdoor activities increasing it is more important than ever to make sure you are allowing yourself and your muscles time to recovery efficiently – the last thing anyone wants is an injury preventing you from enjoying the precious time outdoors!

We have hand-crafted a range of products with ingredients that have proved benefits to help with recovery.

Mineral Bath Salts
Our Mineral Bath Salts all have one key ingredient – Epsom salts. Epsom salts have incredible benefits from soothing aches and pains to relieving stress.
After physical activity, a bath with one of our 12 Mineral Bath Salts would leave your muscles feeling refreshed and revitalized, in particular the Lemongrass & Rosemary Mineral Bath Salt, with its carefully selected blend of divine Essential Oils, it is an excellent choice for muscular pain and aches.

Skin Silks
Our Skin Silks contain a wide range of luxurious hand selected ingredients that are known for helping aches, pains, dry skin and also aiding in relaxation.
Our Relief Skin Silk contain Emu oils to help with inflammation and Black Pepper Essential Oils to provide pain relief – ideal after longer activity days when your muscles, hands or feet may be aching more than usual.
Irritated skin? Try our Soothe Skin Silk, it is filled with nourishing butters to leave your skin feeling luxuriously soft.

Hand Salve
Perfect for rock climbers or bikers who may suffer from dry, calloused hands – the moisturizing oils will rejuvenate even the roughest skin, leaving it luxuriously soft and smooth. We recommend to use it at night to allow it to soak in while you are sleeping.

Last but not least, relaxation is a vital part of the recovery process, and one that is often ignored!
We have a range of products that help you relax and recharge after a long day of physical activity.

Lavender Dreams Seltzer
The added Lavender Pure Essential Oils will help you slip away into a deep relaxation and allow yourself to switch off.

Whilst soaking your muscles in a hot bath, why not light a candle for a divine, relaxing moment.
Our Breathe Votive contains eucalyptus – a natural essence with known relaxation benefits whilst also refreshing your senses.
We also have a Lavender Votive to match the Lavender Dream Seltzer if you wanted the ultimate relaxation moment.

Feeling Good About Feeling Good!

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