Wholesale Inquiries

We value our commitment to our Wholesale Community and that’s why strive for excellence within our foundational pillars:

Our connection to you and your customers is one of our most important values. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you, your business, and understand how we can support your success.

We will continue to use only the best ingredients in our products and strive to delivery superior quality to your customers.

One of our goals is to reduce waste by moving towards environmentally friendly or recyclable packaging. From reusing packing material for shipping to the energy efficient practices of our workshop, we strive to reduce impact on our community and the planet. Every little action helps.

Continuous Improvement
Every day we work towards improving our products standards and processes in order to ensure we maintain your trust and your love for our products.

If you would like to carry our products in your store please send us an email inquiry.


Phone: 1.403.678.9942

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